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To gain a full understanding of your particular tax needs, and to accurately quote clients regarding the cost & time to complete tax returns, please complete the questionnaire and appropriate tax organizer(s). Please attach these items in an email Emily Brown. 



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2018 Tax Organizer for New Clients 

2018 Tax Organizer Schedule F Farm Expenses

2018 Tax Questionnaire 

2018 Tax Organizer with Schedule C Business

2018 Tax Organizer Business Use of Home

2018 Tax Organizer Vehicle Expenses

2018 Tax Organizer with Schedule E Rent 



Why should I file my taxes?

IRS matches copies of the income tax documents you receive to your tax return. If you do not file a tax return, IRS will create a tax return for you after several years of non-filing. If you do not file, you cannot dispute the amount of tax they assess to you. Even if you owe taxes and you do not pay, you are at least starting the 10 year statute of limitations for IRS collections. If you do not file you never start the statute of limitations and you will owe the IRS, potentially forever.

Why Brown Financial over Turbotax or other similar services? 

Even if you enter your tax documents in the system, and answer the Turbo tax questions correctly, it still does not mean your tax return has been prepared correctly. If you omit information the IRS & state will send you notices and you will have to hire an accounting firm to represent you, which will cost more than having a firm prepare the tax return in the first place. In most cases, when we review tax returns that have been self-prepared, deductions were missed which could have resulted in higher refunds for the client, if they had hired a firm to prepare the return.

What is the tax process at Brown Financial?

  1. Email us 

    1. Make sure to tell us a little bit about yourself​

    2. Tell us why you need Brown Financial's assistance 

    3. Ask us any questions you have

  2. We will then set you up with a shared folder that you have access too on our server 

    1. This is where we will keep all of your documentation and tax information ​

  3. We will ask you to fill out the tax questionnaire & upload a copy of last years tax return

  4. We will then work with you to make sure all of the necessary documents are uploaded 

  5. We will complete your tax return 

  6. We will reach out to let you know your tax return is complete and we can either: 

    1. Schedule a meeting to review the return, sign the 8879's, make a payment and submit the return 

    2. Pay, sign & submit electronically 

What types of Tax Returns does Brown Financial Prepare? 

Federal & State: Individual including Schedule C businesses sole proprietor & LLC, Schedule E rental property, Schedule F Farms

Partnership, S-Corporation, C Corporation, Nonprofit, & Estate tax returns.


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